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Weekly Income Now (WIN) Review

This is a Review website for Weekly Income Now, click the link below if you are looking for:

If you are interested in getting access to this system but you are not sure just yet, you are at the right place. I’m going to publish my findings on this product before the Weekly Income Now goes live.

With many doggy options trading product out there and being burned myself many times, my goal is to provide you guys with an honest review so that you can make an informed decision without making an investment first.

Weekly Income Now (W.I.N.) Trading System and Weekly Income Now (W.I.N.) Service is revolutionizing the way everyday people both generate income and prepare for retirement.

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While Many Stocks Are Crashing, Weekly Options on Those Stocks Are Exploding Through the Roof!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If you’re not using the strategies found in the Weekly Income Now (W.I.N.) System to go for huge gains, you’re missing a once-in-lifetime opportunity to build cash. Because when stock prices move, weekly options on these stocks soar — spinning off gains of 84% . . . 179% . . . even 2,000% or more . . . often in the twinkling of an eye.

Many of these weekly options are still remarkably cheap. Some as low as $1! You can buy as many as you like for as little as $25, $50 or $100 each. And unlike futures and short positions, with the purchase of weekly options your risk is strictly limited: You can never lose more than you invest plus the small brokerage commission you pay.

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Weekly Income Now (W.I.N.) Gives You 3 Powerful Tools!

When you become a member of Weekly Income Now (W.I.N.), you’ll immediately be rushed Chris’s Weekly Income Now (W.I.N.) training DVD’s and manual — which includes everything you need to know about using weekly options to profit.

  • You’ll discover how weekly options work . . . how they’re traded . . . and even step-by-step instructions for placing trades online or with your broker . .
  • You’ll see how Chris uses his proprietary PULSE method to find the options he feels offer you the greatest profit potential with the lowest risk . . .
  • Why weekly options on falling stocks could make you more money more quickly than call options on rising stocks . . .
  • How to leverage events and special “crisis opportunities” that could also drive call options on select sectors through the roof . . .
  • How buying weekly options strictly limits your risk — and how the system adds an extra layer of protection to limit your downside while allowing you virtually unlimited profit potential . . .
  • And much more!

Chris also will begin sending you his exclusive Weekly Income Now (W.I.N.) newsletter that includes exclusive trading recommendations that have historically soared and made amazing profits for members. But that’s not all. Because throughout the week, whether it’s a new opportunity . . . an urgent update . . . or an adjustment . . . Chris will send you an update email so that you can take appropriate action.This helps you maximize your income opportunities, each and every week!

Then, just follow the simple instructions. It’s easy. It’s convenient. And you can place your trades online or with a simple phone call to your broker. Weekly Income Now (W.I.N.) is based on the age-old principle that every weekly market movement can be turned into an income opportunity. It has just one objective, To help you get rich from both the ups and downs that inevitably occur.

Beside that, in each trading recommendation, Chris tells you exactly why he loves the trade. Every Weekly Income Now (W.I.N.) signal you receive — sent to you instantly to your e-mail — will clearly explain what’s happening right now and why the trade is being recommended. For each trade, it’s up to you to pull the trigger or not. But all you have to do is jump online to place the trade — or call your broker.

The well-timed buy signals are great. But they’re only half the story. You also have to know when to sell. So, for every single recommendation, you’ll get instructions on when to take profits or cut a loss. Chris goal with Weekly Income Now (W.I.N.) is to make this as easy as possible for you. No guesswork. No wondering what to do next.

Lastly, if you have any questions, no problem. Either Chris or someone on his analytic team will be glad to answer them for you. Simply fire off an e-mail to the secret e-mail address included with your membership details and you’ll get a response in 24-48 hours. Perhaps most important, however, is the assurance that you get about the performance of this remarkable income generating services.

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“100% Minimum Return” Guarantee

Now, despite winning over 90% of all trades Chris recommended last year, I can’t guarantee every trade will be a winner. Losses are always possible. But what I will say is that in all the years Chris’s offered recommendations via advisory services — he never failed to make money for the member. So my guarantee to you is this, The trades posted for Weekly Income Now (W.I.N.) Trading System must generate at least 100% or MORE in pure profits across all trades (including winners and losers) — within 6 full months of your purchase date — or he will refund every penny you paid for the Weekly Income Now (WIN) Trading System.

This service must generate that level of performance within 6 months, or you can request and receive an immediate refund. Not only that . . . but, if you say ‘Yes’ to the Weekly Income Now (W.I.N.) System e-mail update alerts today, Chris will also send you a valuable FREE gift . . . yours to keep even if you decide to cancel for a full refund.

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ABSOLUTELY FREE For Weekly Income Seminar DVD

Recently, Chris got a bunch of investors (including some of his most successful students) together in Vegas for a private,closed-doors event. There, he revealed his more “advanced” strategies that work better on larger trading accounts of $25,000 or more. You see, the goal for the Weekly Income Now (W.I.N.) System is to take you from wherever you are now to the point where you have a larger account. And then, from that point, to generating millions.

These are elite strategies Chris learned while managing funds for large banks — secrets the ultra-rich use to grow their money at rates far beyond what you’ll ever hear about in the mainstream. Attendees paid upwards of $4,000 to beat this event, but you’ll get the entire DVD version of the event for FREE when you join Chris in the Weekly Income Now (W.I.N.) System and Service, TODAY.

Chris Verhaegh’s Weekly Income Now (W.I.N.) options trading system…And it’s the only trading system focused on the W.I.N. Options Trading System that hands excellent performance, while speeding you on the path toward luxurious retirement. It’s designed to help you profit from this current stock market environment whichever way the market turns. Because only Weekly Income Now (W.I.N.) can make those kinds of gains consistently possible — all in a regular cash brokerage account!

The Chris Verhaegh’s W.I.N. are sometimes called the Cubes or Qubes. And the main difference between indexes and an ETF is that Indexes don’t actually own stock. Whereas, the Options ETF owns and is comprised of 100 different non-financial companies in the NASDAQ. In most respects, the W.I.N. are and act like every other single equity or security. You don’t need to learn any special chart indicators to interpret the Chris Verhaegh’s W.I.N.

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Summary For Weekly Income Now (W.I.N.)

Chris Verhaegh’s W.I.N. System is an exclusive options advisory service which delivers specific trade alerts via email. Leveraging Chris’s high performing PULSE trading technique, this method reveals how to make 100% – 1,000% in one week.  You will quickly learn strategies on how to pocket $25,000 per month while also building a huge $2.73M nest egg. Every member will also receive access to Chris’ Weekly W.I.N. Options Trading Course (Manual and DVDs), his popular weekly W.I.N. Options Newsletter and a special “Advanced” Bonus seminar DVD collection so they can learn the strategies on which W.I.N.’s recommendations are based. Offered at two price points, (6 month subscription & 18 Month subscription) this course/system includes actual trades, has a full performance guarantee and very often finds 500% – 1,000% gains within one – two days.  You’ll be VERY HAPPY with this product.

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To your success,


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Log-Jam creates 2nd Chance for you to WIN

I have an important announcement to make….

It seems a log-jam of last minute applications kept the WIN enrollment portal from automatically closing on time… I never even knew that could happen. Did you?

What’s more, this morning the WIN support staff discovered that, since the portal didn’t automatically close at midnight, it didn’t close at all!

But here’s their big concern…

If the flood of orders was so great that it kept the portal from closing… how many would-be enrollees found themselves staring at a frozen “LOADING” image… until they eventually gave up or their server timed them out?

And now they’re filled with regret over missing their one genuine, honest-to-goodness chance for a prosperous, carefree future… just because they waited until the last minute.

How sad is that!

So, instead of manually closing the portal first thing this morning, they decided to leave it open for a bit. But, I’m not sure how long. It could be no more than a couple hours.

I’d say the time to watch this video is now… The Easiest Way to WIN

Your LAST CHANCE to possibly turn a few minutes and a few dollars into a steady income of $25,000 every month has just been extended for a FINAL time. Click here now.

As Richard D. says, “90 or 95% of all traders lose money. And the ones that make money are the ones that find this profitable little niche and do the same thing over and over again. That’s what Chris is doing.”

Isn’t that what you should be doing too?

The first step is to simply watch the video. Then the rest will just fall into place. I promise. Click here.

Best Regards,


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WIN enrollment now open for WEEKLY INCOME NOW

WIN enrollment is now open… but it won’t be for long!

You and I both know that right now, at this moment, WEEKLY INCOME NOW is the one thing you want more than just about anything else in the world. So why not watch the video and join while you can?

The Easiest Way to WIN

Enroll today and… with your action-ready email in hand… you and Chris, together, will swing for your first “Grand Slam” 1,000% return on Friday!

And you can expect to be getting detailed instructions for your first “Lazy Man” income trade too.

Then, Chris will begin looking for “Lit Fuse”, “Knee Jerk”, and “Lemming” profit opportunities to juice-up the pot… and he’ll send you an email the minute it’s time to act on any one of them.

Yes, I know the strategy names sound unusual… but why not? Aren’t the strategies themselves night-and-day different than anything you’ve ever seen before?

Retired mortgage broker Robert S. puts it this way, “Chris has a different way of looking at the market. And the results you get doing it his way are truly amazing.”

Why not see for yourself: The Easiest Way to WIN

I see three things that set WIN strategies apart from all the rest…

  • WIN strategies exploit an isolated option-pricing phenomenon so you don’t need to look at charts… or predict market direction… or do any kind of complicated figuring whatsoever.
  • WIN strategies are scientific, methodical, and virtually automatic… yet they take almost NO time, almost NO effort, and almost NO money to start… which adds up to stress-free fun!
  • WIN strategies make it possible for you to turn as little as $300 into a $300,000 annual income… giving you peace of mind and allowing you to enjoy the lifestyle of your dreams.

If all that sounds absolutely wonderful, you need to see this: The Easiest Way to WIN.

Best Regards,


PS. And there’s one more thing that sets WIN apart from all the rest… WEEKLY INCOME NOW is backed by a 100% minimum return or 100% money-back guarantee! Click here now.